Furniture & Equipment Re-Use Service

Q. Is what I see online all of what is currently available?

No. Items become available daily, and the aim is to have them listed online as soon as possible. Always feel completely welcome to email or call us to find out whether or not different things are available. Furthermore, there are always items that will become available in the near future that are not yet available (ie other area refurbishments). ** UPDATE - we aim to have ALL items listed in this site by October 30, 2017.

Q. Can we make an appointment for our department to have a look at reuse items?

Absolutely. Appointments are regularly made and welcomed by all faculties and departments. Email to arrange an appointment.

Q. Can Furniture & Equipment Reuse Service put together a 'package'?

Yes. It is quite common for us to help plan for new working arrangements, using recycled furniture and equipment or a combination of new and recycled items. We can come to you and make a plan of your workspace(s), and recommend different options.

Q. How quickly do items arrive after we order them?

Anywhere from 1 - 10 business days, due to a variety of factors. If you have a particular urgency for an item we will do our best to get it to you quickly.

Q. Why is there a charge for redistributed University assets

The Reuse service is a COST NEUTRAL service. Any funds raised contribute to maintaining elements of the service.

When your department orders an item from the service, the cost incurred is to cover various overheads associated with running the service. Some of these costs (but not all) include ongoing website running costs, cleaning and repairs and staff costs in administering the service.

The Sustainability Office fully funds this service, and any charges associated with certain items help to offset these overheads.

Q. Do we have to pay the charge?

No. You may notice the default amount for each item is typically $20. This is a suggested contribution to the reuse service, towards our overheads. We receive no annual funding, so every bit counts.

You can request a special code to over-ride this, just send us an email or call us to discuss.

Q. Can I order furniture if I am from a regional campus such as Dookie, Creswick or Werribee?

Yes. The Furniture and Equipment Re-use Service can supply to all Unimelb campuses. However, there may be transport charges to consider. Please contact us to find out more.

Q. What if I don't have a Themis code?

If your department does not have a Themis code, please contact Equipment Reuse

Q. Can I buy from this site for personal use?

No.This site is only for faculty and department use.



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