Furniture & Equipment Re-Use Service

Operation Update

Due to the relocation of the Reuse Centre into temporary accommodation, we are unable to provide personal inspections of furniture.  We are operating at a reduced capacity during this time until our future location has been established.  As a result, our turnaround time for orders may be longer than usual and our stock may be more limited than we would like.


The University of Melbourne's Furniture and Equipment Re-use Service offers a range of workstations, storage solutions, and other items for sale at low or no cost, presenting a sustainable and economic alternative to purchasing new furniture or equipment for your office.  It is available to University of Melbourne departments, faculties and affiliate organisations.

The University of Melbourne has already made substantial gains towards redeploying and reusing furniture. In July 2012, a pilot was undertaken by Campus Operations to identify and redeploy furniture and equipment within the University.  Since that time, furniture redeployed has culminated in an estimated saving of more than $8M to the University on retail replacement value. 2016 Saw a massive $2.6M in savings!


If your department is looking for any furniture, has any unwanted furniture, or is planning to move soon, please contact: Equipment Reuse


Learn more about other sustainable initiatives of the University at the Sustainable Campus website.  






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